Introducing AGMS

Qualys Asset Group Management Service (AGMS) is a new service that has been introduced to improve performance related to Asset Management & Asset Group Management functionality. The sections below describe changes you'll see throughout your subscription when AGMS is enabled.


AGMS benefits and improvements

Changes to All group and asset groups

What happens to assigned asset groups when the subscription is first migrated to AGMS? 

When the All group is assigned to a user in the Unassigned business unit

When the All group is assigned to a business unit

When the All group is assigned to a user in a business unit

When you change a user’s business unit

Personal asset groups cannot be called All

Asset groups no longer assigned to Contact users

UI changes when creating/updating asset groups

View user's asset groups in User Information

Changes to business units

Transfer primary contact to another business unit

Business unit can only be deleted when it has 0 users

Changing a user's business unit or role

Options to transfer personal configurations and asset groups

Scanner Appliances

Scanner Appliances available to users


All group cannot be combined with other asset groups in reports

Address Management

Host Assets List is now Address Management

Run Asset Search Report from Address Management List

Add IP Addresses

Download Addresses in CSV format

Changes to the Select IPs/Ranges Pop-Up

Asset Search is now available to Auditor users

Scans List improvements

Changes to Scans List

API Changes

API changes when AGMS is enabled