AGMS Benefits

Qualys Asset Group Management Service (AGMS) is a new service that has been introduced to improve performance related to Asset Management & Asset Group Management functionality.

Why we developed AGMS

We developed this new service for multiple reasons, including:

- Improve performance in Asset Management & Asset Group Management functionality

- Reduce existing data inconsistencies and avoid them in the future

Additional benefits with AGMS

- Performance of Asset Tagging functionality improved by 15-20%

- We’ll decommission the tag sync job in Qualys VM/PC

- Reduce the database server load

- Host mapping service

How performance is improved with AGMS

Performance is improved in these ways:

- In-memory database

- Distributed processing

- Efficient data structures

- Database schema redesign

- Horizontally and vertically scalable

- New APIs will improve performance by 50% or more