Compliance Reporting

You can create a variety of reports to manage the host compliance data returned by compliance scans.


Start a New Report

Choose a Policy Report, Scorecard Report, etc.

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Report Schedules

Run reports automatically - daily, weekly or monthly

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Policy Report Templates

Use our Policy Report template or create custom ones

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Scorecard Report Templates

Use our Scorecard Report template or create custom ones

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Mandate Based Templates

Create custom Mandate Template for mandate based reports

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Reporting - The Basics

Click here to get help you with report targets, best practices, notifications and common terms

Manage Your Reports

Easily view, download, cancel and share your reports

Reporting Features

Learn more about these features: Framework Filters | Control Criticality | Windows User Rights Controls | Password Auditing | Mask Errors for User Defined Controls | SCAP Reports | PCI Reports

Do you have AGMS?

Please see the AGMS Help to understand changes you'll see when Asset Group Management Service (AGMS) is enabled for your subscription.

Download the Data List 

To download the data list, Select Download from the New menu above the data list. Choose a download file format and click Download. Learn more.

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