Get Started with Control Criticality

Control Criticality is a policy compliance feature that provides ratings for controls, including the ability to customize ratings at the control level and at the policy level. If you have the PC app, this feature can be enabled for your subscription by Support or your Account Manager.

Check it out

Go to PC > Policies > Controls. You'll see a Criticality column with the criticality level assigned to each control.

Review & customize levels

We've defined 5 criticality levels ranging from Minimal to Urgent, and each control is assigned a level. You can rename these levels and change their colors if you want (go to PC > Policies > Setup and select Control Criticality Levels).

Tell me about approach used for setting the default scores

How to update control criticality

You can change or remove the criticality for any control at the control level or at the policy level.

Your reports

We'll display control criticality in compliance reports and on the Policy Summary dashboard. Your policy reports will also include 2 pie charts showing the total number of passed and failed controls at each criticality level.

Any control that does not have a criticality level is counted as "Undefined".

Can I filter reports by criticality?