Configure Report Schedules

Schedule your reports to run automatically - daily, weekly, monthly. This way you'll get the most up to date vulnerability data with the most accurate trends. Also, you can schedule reports to run at important milestones, like the last day of the quarter, without logging in to do it.

Good to Know Your subscription must have Scheduled Reporting enabled. Please contact support or your account manager if you would like to enable these features. Also a Manager must opt in to the New Data Security model by going to Users > Setup > Security.


Go to Reports > Schedules > New and start a new report. (Or start a report from the Reports tab.)

New Scan Report menu option under Schedules

Enter report settings (template, format, target, etc) like you would any report.

Then scroll down to Report Options and select Scheduling. This is where you'll tell us when and how often your report should run. In this example, the report is scheduled to run every Tuesday at 4am PST.

Time zone and DST options

I scheduled my report to run monthly on the 31st. What happens during shorter months?


Scheduling options for report

Want to be notified when the report is finished?

Select Notification and choose distribution groups. Distribution groups may include users with Qualys accounts and people without accounts.

Will the report be included in the email?




Notification options for report

How do I stop my report from running?

Edit your schedule and click the "Deactivate this report" check box. The report is temporarily deactivated. You can reactivate it by editing the schedule again and clearing this check box.

Deactivate this report option under Schedule Status

What if I want my report to run now?

Choose "Launch Now" from the Quick Actions menu. Your report settings will appear in a new window. Simply click Run to continue.

Launch Now option on Schedules list to run report now