Manage Your Assets

This is where you manage and group the assets in your account.

Hosts for Scanning

Add the IPs you want to scan and report on

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Hosts with Cloud Agents

Have Cloud Agent? View and report on agent hosts

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Domains for Host Discovery

Add the domains you want to map

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Asset Groups

Organize your assets into logical asset groups

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Dynamic Asset Tagging

Automatically discover and organize your assets using tags

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Asset Search

Search your scan results to find hosts with certain attributes

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Custom Networks

Set up custom networks to keep overlapping IP ranges separated.

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Search the certificates found on your hosts.

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Your Collected Host Info

Certificates | Applications | Ports and Services


Good to Know

How do I remove IPs?

When should I purge host data?

Can I export my hosts list to CSV?

How do I set up virtual hosts?


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