Get Started with Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging provides a flexible and scalable way to automatically discover and organize the assets in your environment and ensures that your scans and reports are always synchronized with your dynamic business environment.

Enable Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging is available only when the Asset Tagging feature has been added to your subscription by an account manager or support. Also a Manager must enable Asset Tagging by opting in to the New Data Security Model. A Manager can do this by going to Users > Setup > Security. Once properly set up, you'll notice the AV (AssetView) application appears in your application picker.

Tags You Start With

The service creates some tags based on the existing objects in your account. The tags you start with are not assigned to assets. Using the AssetView application you can assign these tags to assets manually. You can also edit the tags to add dynamic tagging rules so assets matching the tagging rules are applied automatically by the service. Learn more

Create and Assign Tags

Asset Tagging enables you to create tags and assign them to your assets. The most powerful use of tags is accomplished by creating a dynamic tag. Using a dynamic tag, the service automatically assigns tags to assets based on search criteria in a dynamic tagging rule.

Create dynamic tags using Asset Tagging

Create dynamic tags using Asset Search

Create and assign static tags

Tell me about user permissions

All users can see all tags in the subscription and can choose tags for their scans and reports. You'll only see assets for tags that are in your scope (as defined by your All group).

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