Tell me about Asset Search Reports

Search your scanned assets by various attributes and create a report with the search results.

Run a report to save and share

Run a one-time report for taking action

New Asset Search Report option on New menu under Reports

Asset Search tab under Assets for one-time report


Using networks?

You can search across all assets in a network or limit the search to certain IPs/ranges. Do one of the following: 1) Enter the "All" asset group, choose a network and select the option "Search all assets in my network". 2) Enter the IPs or IP ranges you want to search and choose a network.

Searching by ports and/or services

Enter up to 10 ports and 10 services. You can also select services from the list provided. Assets with at least one of the ports/services will be included in the report.

Searching by QID

Use this option to find assets with certain vulnerabilities (QIDs) detected. Enter up to 20 QIDs or select from the list of QIDs. Any asset with at least one of the QIDs will be included in the report.

Want to find EC2 hosts by Instance status?

Quickly find all of your Amazon EC2 assets with a particular status (running, terminated, stopped, etc) and take action. For example, find EC2 instances that are terminated in order to purge or remove them from your account. Simply choose the status you’re interested in and click Search. (Only works with EC2 tracking method also selected.)

Don't see this option? The EC2 Scanning feature must be enabled for your subscription. Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Support if you would like to have this feature turned on.

Searching by scan date

Use scan date filters to find assets that have been scanned within (or not within) a certain number of days. The scan date filters available to you depend on the modules enabled for your subscription (VM, PC, SCA, SCAP). For example, if you have VM, then you can search by VM scan date. If you have PC, then you can search by PC scan date.

Take actions on your assets

Applicable when you run the report from Assets > Asset Search.

Take actions like start a scan, add to asset groups, launch a scan report, etc. Simply select the check box next to each asset you want include in the action and choose an action from the Actions menu (at the top of the report). Want to take an action on all assets in the report? Choose an appropriate action like Edit All, Purge All, etc.

Have hosts with cloud agents? You can report on these hosts and we'll base the results on host data collected from Cloud Agent assessments. Certain report actions will not be available unless the hosts are added to your VM/PC license. Learn more

Actions menu in your Asset Search Report