Configure Asset Groups

Asset groups give you a convenient way to make logical groupings of the assets you want to scan and report on. You can add your assets (hosts, domains, appliances) to multiple groups as needed.


What are the steps?

Go to Assets > Asset Groups. Select New > Asset Group. To edit an existing asset group, select Edit from the Quick Actions menu.


Add IPs and domains to the group

It's simple. Go to the IPs section to add IPs and go to the Domains section to add domains. Enter or select the IPs and domains you want to add. You can even copy IPs from another asset group. Then save your group.


Add scanner appliances to the group

By adding appliances you can manage which appliances are used for scanning the hosts defined in your asset group.

You have these options:

1) Scan your asset group using appliances in the group. By default up to 5 appliances will be used, and this can be customized for your account. Learn more

2) Scan your asset group using the default appliance in the group.


Business Info

The business information you provide can be used later when reporting on the hosts in the asset group.

Select a business impact level

Enter values for Division, Function and Location



If CVSS Scoring is enabled for the subscription, you'll see the option to set CVSS environmental metrics in the Business / CVSS Info section. Your selections will be used in reporting when determining the CVSS score for the hosts in this asset group.

Tell me about CVSS environmental metrics

Learn more about CVSS Scoring


Add hosts by hostname

If you have the Scan by Hostname feature, you'll see the option to add DNS and NetBIOS hostnames to the asset group. Add DNS names to the DNS section and NetBIOS names to the NetBIOS section. Only Managers can edit these sections of the asset group. You must also add a scanner appliance to the group. The scanner appliance must be able to resolve the hostnames in the group to their IP addresses.

Can I also add IPs to the group?

Make sure hostnames are formatted correctly

Learn more about Scan by Hostname


See which groups users have assigned

A Manager can see this information when editing an asset group. Go to the Users section, select a user from the list and click the View button to see more information about the user account.


Change the owner

Managers and Unit Managers have the option to change the asset group owner when editing an asset group (not during creation). Edit the group and select a user from the Owner menu. The possible assignees listed in the Owner menu depends on the role of the manager making the change, and the current owner's role and business unit.

See possible owners

Tell me about conflicts with scheduled tasks

Ownership change from Scanner to Unit Manager or Manager

Ownership change from Unit Manager to Manager


Find the asset group ID

Show the ID column on the asset groups list. Go to the Tools menu above the list (on the right side) and select Columns > ID. You'll also see the ID in the preview pane and in the Asset Group Information page.


Impact on Business Units when updating/removing asset groups

Keep in mind Managers assign asset groups to a business unit, giving BU users access to the hosts, domains, appliances in these asset groups. BU users (Unit Managers, Scanners, Readers) can create personal asset groups including the hosts, domains, appliances in the BU asset groups.

Changes to BU asset groups impact:

- which assets BU users can see, and

- which assets appear in their own personal asset groups


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