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There are many ways to report on your vulnerability data and asset information.

New Scan Report option under Reports


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There are many ways you can report on vulnerability data.

Asset Search Report

Find hosts based on their attributes then drill down to see host vulnerabilities.

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Authentication Report

See the authentication status for your scanned hosts.

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Compliance Report

Identify whether you are compliant with SANS Top 20, Qualys Top 20, and the PCI Data Security Standard.

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Consultant Report

(Must have Consultant service level) Create reports specific to your customers’ needs.

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Map Report

View saved maps and identify systems that have been added or removed from your network.

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Patch Report

Find out the patches you need to apply to fix your current vulnerabilities. Use links to download and install patches.

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Remediation Report

Get information on remediation tickets like ticket status and overall trend information.

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Risk Analysis

Determine whether hosts are likely to be at risk to a new vulnerability even before you launch a scan.

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Scan Report (template based)

Understand the current vulnerabilities on your systems and your security risk.

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Scorecard Report

Find out about the overall security status of your hosts.

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