Configure Report Templates

Use report templates to create reports with views on your scan results and the current vulnerabilities on your hosts. You can choose an existing template we provide as a starting point, or you can create custom reports by telling us all the settings.


Have you thought about which hosts you want to report on and what you want to see in your report? We can help you with this quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

Reporting - The Basics


It's easy to use an existing template. Just go to Reports > Templates and:

1) edit the template you'd like to use - Patch Report, Scorecard Report, High Severity Report, Executive Report, etc.

2) we recommend you save a copy (click Save As), and

3) configure the report template settings.


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Using the Scan by Hostname feature

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Best Practices for Reporting

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Tip We provide many report templates for common reporting needs. You can use these templates as is, and edit the settings to create custom reports.

Tip Add search lists to your report templates to filter reports to specific QIDs or to QIDs that match certain criteria.

Did you know? You can easily create many reports using templates from our library. Just go to Reports > Templates > New > Import from Library.