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Qualys Patch Management saves you time and effort by automating patch management on Windows assets, for both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft patches, using a single patch management application. It provides instant visibility on patches available for your assets and tells you whether these patches are already installed. You can automatically deploy new patches as and when they are available.

The Cloud Agent downloads the required patches from external sources. However, patches that require authentication cannot be downloaded by the agent. You can manually download and install such patches on the assets. Qualys Patch Management will then identify these patches as installed.

We do not support scanning assets running Windows evaluation versions. These assets are scanned for missing/installed patches once they are upgraded to the full version of Windows.

Note: Qualys Patch Management 1.4 has several search and token changes due to which your existing dashboard widgets might stop working or show errors. To fix the widgets, see Rebuild Widgets.

Start Here

Agent installation and configuration:

Install Cloud Agents (using the CA app)

Enable PM in a CA configuration Profile (using the CA app)

Manage PM Licenses

Deploy patches:

Create a custom assessment profile (Optional)

Review missing and installed patches

Deploy patches on assets

Review patch deployment results (success / failure)

Uninstall patches:

Create a custom assessment profile (Optional)

Review missing and installed patches

Uninstall patches from assets

Review patch uninstall results (success / failure)

Up to date patch visibility

We'll continuously keep your account updated with the latest information about your assets and related patches. The search box with advanced search capabilities gives you instant visibility all at one place, all about your assets and required patches.

How to Search

Search tutorial

Using filters

Customizable Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards help you visualize assets and get up to date views on the security of your assets in real time. Add custom widgets, adjust dashboard layout, create unlimited dashboards with the widgets you're interested in, share with other users, and more.

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Fallback to free version

Patch Management will revert to the Free version once your Trial or Full subscription expires. Existing scan intervals of less than 24 hours will get converted to intervals of 24 hours. Your existing jobs will be disabled and you can re-enable them once you renew your subscription.

The free version allows you to create assessment profiles with a minimum scan interval of 24 hours and see a list of missing and installed patches on the assets in your environment. It doesn’t allow creating deployment/uninstall jobs.