Manage PM Licenses

The Licenses tab, enabled only for paid subscribers, shows the number of licenses consumed by Patch Management (PM). You can include asset tags to allow installing or uninstalling patches on the assets that are contained in those asset tags. The Total Consumption counter might exceed 100% if the number of assets activated for PM are more than the number of PM licenses you have. Assets in the excluded asset tags are not considered for patch management and you cannot deploy patches on those assets. The licenses for Linux and Windows asset are shown separately. However, the license is assigned to assets in the background and a dynamic consumed license count is shown on the Licenses tab.

When the license consumption calculation is already in progress and you add new asset tags, the license consumption calculation for newly added asset tags will start only after the first request is completed. The auto refresh rate to show data in the License Details section is 1 minute.

Note: In case the Total Consumption counter exceeds 100%, licenses will be consumed based on the asset activation time stamp in ascending order.

Only admin and super users can manage licenses. Sub-users can only view the license information.


About Available License Count

The VMDR application provides a free Patch Management license for the assets that are enabled for the VMDR application. However, these licenses have a limited feature capability. The licenses that are enabled for Patch Management have the complete capabilities for the Patch Management application. The Cloud Agent UI shows the total number of licenses which include the licenses for VMDR and Patch Management combined. This might cause a discrepancy in the number of licenses shown in the Patch Management UI and the Cloud Agent UI.

For example, if the VMDR application has 100 licenses, and the Patch Management application has 50 licenses, the Cloud Agent UI will show the available license as 150, while the Patch Management UI will show the available licenses as 50 only.