Reviewing Job Results

Once the deployment (Windows and Linux assets) or uninstall (Windows assets only) job is created it runs immediately (On-Demand) or on a specified schedule. You can view the results of a job run, whether all patches got successfully installed/uninstalled or there are failures.

To view the job results, go to Jobs, then from the Quick Actions Menu of a job, click View Progress. You can see the assets on which the patch deployment/uninstall job was run, and the results in the Progress column.

On this screen, we also show you the assets that are not licensed in Patch Management. We skip patch installation for these assets.

Progress for a deployment job.

We also show the following patch count for Windows jobs:

 - INSTALLED: Number of patches that were successfully deployed on the agent in the latest job run.

 - FAILED: Number of patches that failed to install due to some errors on the agent in the latest job run.

 - SKIPPED: Number of patches that were skipped in latest job run.

A few patches might be skipped because the patches are not applicable for the asset, superseded by another patch, or are already installed.

Note: The error logs for failed patches of Linux patch jobs are stored only for 14 days.

Job activities corresponding to the reboot messages and notifications displayed for the asset, are logged at the following location:


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