Bar Widget

Use column or bar graph type of widget when you want to multiple search criteria to be monitored For example, if you want to view  vulnerabilities that belong to certain criteria on assets that meet different criteria.

Name: Provide a name for the widget. You could add a description for the widget that is displayed above the widget on the dashboard.

Widget Representation (only for VM app): Choose the widget type to decide if the information to be presented in the widget should be grouped or multi-grouped columnn widget.

- Grouped: You can consolidate various data points and group them using a single parameter in Grouped column widget. For more information, see Grouped Column Widget.

- Multi-Grouped: You can consolidate various data points and group them using multiple parameters. You can stack the multiple parameters one over other in a column Multi-Grouped column widget. For more information, see Multi-Grouped Column Widget.

Show Description on widget: Select the check box to display the widget description on the dashboard.

Query for the data in widget: You can use the various metadata filters, group by options and custom query capabilities to find what your interested in. Type in your search query for the data to be populated on the widget. For information on search queries, refer to Search Tutorial.

Using the Search Action Menu  search action menu, you can view the frequently-used QQL queries, save, and manage them with ease. Looking for the  different actions on the search queries, see Search Actions.

Group By: Select the categorization parameter for the data fetched by search query.

Limit To: Select the limitations from 3, 5,  10 for the data to be populated in the widget.

Preview: Displays the preview of the widget depending on the widget settings you configure.

Widget Preferences: Configure the widget preferences such as display of bar in vertical or horizontal columns, show or hide legend, and show or hide widget labels.