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The Executive Report provides a global view of your network security. This report is ideal for CIO or executive level managers. This report does not include detailed scan results or details like vulnerability descriptions and verified fixes.


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Managing Assets

Using Asset Tags

Still need help? Check out Reporting - The Basics.

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Email notificationsEmail notifications

You can choose to send an email notification when a new report is available by choosing distribution groups, including users with Qualys accounts and those who do not have accounts.

Will the report be included? This depends on whether you've selected this in your settings under Reports > Setup > Scheduled Reporting.

Time zone selectionTime zone selection

Choose your local time zone (GMT shift and location) and if your time zone observes DST, the "Auto adjust during Daylight Saving Time" option is selected by default. We'll automatically adjust the start time for your scheduled report during time changes. This option is disabled for locations that never observe DST like Arizona and Hawaii.

Don't see the scheduling settings?Don't see the scheduling settings?

Your subscription must have the Scheduled Reporting feature enabled. Please contact support or your account manager if you would like to enable this feature. Also a Manager must opt in to the New Data Security Model by going to Users > Setup > Security.

Your completed report will appear in a report window. To download it to your local system, just select File > Download in this window.

Still have questions? If you don't see the Reports tab, your account does not have the Report Share feature enabled. This means reports are not stored within your account.

Still have questions?

Want to understand the report content?Want to understand the report content?

The Executive Report uses the scan report template, provided by Qualys. Learn more

Tell me about Add Secure DistributionTell me about Add Secure Distribution

This option lets you create secure PDF reports. You can also choose to securely distribute them via email (optional). Users will be prompted to enter the password for the PDF report when they try to view the report from the reports list. Learn more

See default template settingsSee default template settings


Select These Options:


High Severity Report


Host Based Findings

Asset Groups: All


Summary of Vulnerabilities: Include Text Summary

Select the following Graphics: Operating Systems Detected, Services Detected

Detailed Results: Sort by Host

Include the following detailed results in the report: Vulnerability Details, Threat,  Impact, Solution: Patches and Workarounds, Compliance, Exploitability, Associated Malware, Results, Appendix


Selective Vulnerability Reporting: Custom

Search List: Scan Report Template: High Severity Report

Include the following vulnerability filters, operating systems and categories:

- Status: New, Active, Re-Opened

- State: Vulnerabilities: Active

- State: Potential Vulnerabilities: None

- State: Information Gathered: None

- Included Operating Systems: All operating systems

- Included Categories: All categories

Services and Ports

There are no required or unauthorized services and ports defined by default.