Vendor Onboarding

Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) gives you the ability to onboard new vendors, keep track of the existing ones, and to keep record of their areas of business as well as gain accurate visibility into your vendors’ records and related areas.

To onboard a new vendor and to send out vendor assessments, do the following:

1) Create users or identify the existing users for your vendor. Simply navigate to the USERS > Users tab to create new users. Know more.

2) Create a Vendor, by navigating to the VENDORS tab. Know more.

3) Create a campaign and add the user associated with that vendor to the campaign to initiate vendor assessment. Know more

Once your vendor is added, you can send out campaigns for the assessment areas applicable to the vendors and assess them against those specific areas. While creating a Campaign, pick a Vendor template from the Template Library to quickly create a questionnaire.