Create Campaign

Create campaigns to send out questionnaires to all the right people. To collect the risk and compliance data you need simply create and launch campaigns.

What you'll need

- SAQ must be enabled for your subscription. Contact your Technical Account Manager or Support to get this feature.

- User must be assigned "Manager or Unit Manager" and "Questionnaire Manager" roles.

Let's start now

Go to Campaigns tab and select New Campaign.

- Provide a name and due date for your campaign.

- Choose a template for you campaign.

create campaign

Choose a workflow for your campaign

Depending on the workflow you choose, the questionnaire answered by the responder is sent for review and approval.

- Simple (2-stage) workflow send the questionnaire to user for information gathering.

- Reviewable (3-stage) workflow sends the answered questionnaire to a reviewer for review. You can also add separate reviewers per section or subsection.

- Full (4-stage) workflow sends the answered questionnaire to a reviewer and an approver.

Add recipients for you campaign

You can invite any number of users you want to complete your questionnaire, e.g. employees, partners, vendors or subject matter experts,

Users can be:

- in your subscription

- outside of your subscription

- from your organization

- external to your organization

In case you have user who have already answered this questionnaire before then you can send the previously answered questionnaire. This questionnaire will be pre-filled with all the responses they answered previously.