Managing your Questionnaires

Do you have any questionnaires assigned to you? Sure, we will help you effectively respond to your questionnaires.

Responding to your Questionnaire

Configuring a template

A template is where you formulate questions you want users to answer. While creating a template you can add rules, set criticality to the questions, assign risk scores to the template, etc.

You can create copies of a template and customize it for different purposes and audiences. There are multiple ways to configure a template.

What you'll need

- SAQ must be enabled for your subscription. Contact your Technical Account Manager or Support to get this feature.

- Your account must have a Manager or Unit Manager role.


Let's start now

Go to Templates > My Templates and select New Template. Your options are:

- Blank Template - Create a template from scratch. Then use our template editor to add questions, create rules, specify required attachments, layout, etc.

- From Template XML - Import a template as an XML file. Once imported you can use our template editor to make updates as you want.

- From Template EXCEL - Import template as an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file. Once imported you can use our template editor to make updates as you want. Make sure you provide the template details in the same format as seen in the sample template file.

- From Library - Our library of out-of-box templates that cover common compliance standards such as ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, and vendor risk guidelines. These templates are prepared by our security and compliance experts and are always up to date on compliances.

If you are creating a template from blank you can start by organizing your questionnaire in sections, subsections and questions. Or you can add sections to a template imported from XML or library.

You can also simply pick questions from Shared Assessments SIG Question Bank or from templates in our Library to import in your template. Know more

To add section or subsection hover over an existing section and select Add section or Add Subsection icon. Provide the required information and you can see the new section or sub section added in the left pane.

add subsection

When you are ready to resume working on your template just go to My Templates, hover over the template, open the Quick Actions menu and select Edit.


You can check out the tutorial about SAQ Template:

You can check out the video to know more about SAQ Template Customization.


I configured my template. What's next?

Publish your template

- While viewing your template select Publish from the top right corner.

- While viewing your templates list, open the Quick Actions menu and select Publish.

Create a New Campaign

- Select the template of interest from the list, open the Quick Actions menu, and click Start a campaign using this template.

- Go to the Campaigns tab and click the New Campaign button.

Our Campaign wizard will walk you through the steps quickly. Learn more