About Template Scores and Risk Ratings

Easily set criticality for each question and assign risk scores to each answer while defining templates. When you generate reports you can view and filter questions based on these criticality and scores.

Campaigns launched using this template will give you a better understanding of risk associated with that user.

Set Template Score

Design your template by adding scoring and criticality where ever applicable.

Let's get started

Set Question Criticality

Go to Template > My Templates, choose a template you want to add scores and go to the Settings tab.

Under Template Scoring, you can view the preset criticality values in the Question Criticality section . You can assign criticality for each question from the Criticality drop-down in Question Settings.  By default the criticality is set to None for all applicable questions.

You can add criticality to these question types only: Dropdown, Yes/No, Multi-select, and Single Select.

set question criticality

Define Answer Scores

In the Settings tab go to Answer Scores section and define labels and values as per your requirements. You can set up to 5 labels.

define answer scores

Set Answer Scores

You can add a score for each answer of a question. Just go to the Answer Settings for each answer option and from the Select Risk Score dropdown assign a score to that answer.

In case you do not set a score of any of your answer options then the score is considered zero by default.

set answer scores


Similarly, design your template by adding scoring and criticality where ever applicable, then Save and Publish it.

Calculating Template Score

Score for your template is calculated based on the criticality of your question and the defines score of the answer selected by the responder.

Learn more about how the template score is calculated

Risk Rating

The risk rating of your questionnaire is defined by the template score which is calculated once the responder completes the questionnaire. Depending on where your template score lies in the predefined risk brackets the questionnaire is assigned a risk rating.

Simply go to Template > My Templates, choose a template and go to the Settings tab. In the Risk Rating section you can view the predefined risk brackets.

pre-defined risk rating


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