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Get continuous security updates through the cloud by installing lightweight agents on your hosts. It just takes a couple minutes!

We support many systems

For example many versions of Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix, Apple Mac OSX and many capabilities. We frequently update Cloud Agent availability information.

Cloud Agent Platform Availability


Cloud Agent requirements

Requirements | Proxy configuration

Requirements | Proxy configuration


Steps to Install Agents


Agent Installation

Download User Guide (pdf) Windows | Linux | BSD | Unix | Mac

Steps for Proxy configuration

Windows | Linux/BSD/Unix | Mac

Anti-Virus and HIPS Exclusion / Whitelisting

Windows | Linux/BSD/Unix | Mac


Quick Links

Manage Activation Keys

Manage Agents

Agent Status

User Permissions


Getting Started Guide PDF.

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Did you Know? You can change the first page that appears when you access the CA app. Just choose Home Page under your user name (in the top right corner).