How to enable a proxy for your Windows Agent

Good to Know  The Cloud Agent can be configured to use a proxy server. By default Cloud Agent proxy settings on the client are not configured to talk through a proxy, and the Cloud Agent attempts to detect a WPAD auto-proxy.

Our lightweight QualysProxy tool lets you configure proxy settings for Windows Agent (available with Windows Agent 1.2 and later). This tool stores proxy information in a Qualys owned registry path that is ACL'd to SYSTEM and Administrators. Authentication credentials are encrypted and used by the agent. The tool has many configuration options.

The QualysProxy tool replaces "netsh winhttp" usage. Setting the agent proxy using "netsh winhttp" will no longer work. Existing installations (1.1 and older) that previously used "netsh winhttp" will need to have proxy configuration set again by using the QualysProxy tool. This is to ensure that the Cloud Agent does not inadvertently inherit proxy settings previously intended for other purposes.

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