Anti-Virus and HIPS Exclusions on MacOS

Have Anti-Virus or HIPS software installed? To avoid conflicts with Cloud Agent, ensure that you exclude the following files, directories, and processes from all security software installed on the system.

Directory list used by Cloud Agent installation










/Library/Application Support/QualysCloudAgent/Data

/Library/Application Support/QualysCloudAgent/Config

Note: On MacOS 1.5 and 1.6 agents, the Data and Config directories are located at:



Agent daemon process “qualys-cloud-agent”

The agent runs as daemon process “qualys-cloud-agent”.

The agent runs various read-only commands during the scanning process. These are the same commands run by a scan using a scanner appliance. Learn more

Some transient files are created during agent execution

/Library/Application Support/QualysCloudAgent/Data/*.db

- these are various sqlite DB files necessary for Qualys Cloud Agent functionality.


- these are various utility scripts used by Qualys Cloud Agent

/Library/Application Support/QualysCloudAgent/Data/manifests/*.db

- this contains manifests used during agent based scans

Note: On MacOS 1.5 and 1.6 agents, the Data directory is located at: