Tell me about notifications

You can go to your user settings to choose the notifications you want to receive. If you're a Manager you can choose notifications for other users. The notifications available depend on several factors like subscription settings and user role.



Can I send a customized vulnerability notification to users?

(This is available to Managers only, and not available to Express Lite users)

Yes we offer a vulnerability email notification that will alert users about new and updated vulnerabilities in the KnowledgeBase. You enable this notification by simply adding search lists to the distribution group. You must also select which condition will result in an email - new vulnerabilities, updated vulnerabilities or both. When a vulnerability (QID) matches the search list and the condition, the group will be notified by email. Vulnerability Notification for Teams PDF Icon


Using distribution groups

You can have certain email notifications sent to a group of people by setting up distribution groups. Go to Users > Distribution Groups and tell us which users / email addresses make up a group. Your distribution group may include email addresses for users in the subscription and for users outside of the subscription.


Want to change contact info in email notifications?

You may want to do this to ensure users are reaching out to the appropriate person or group. Managers can provide a single contact for the subscription, and they can allow Unit Managers to override the contact for each business unit. As a Manager, go to Users > Setup > Email Contact. Then tell us the name and email address to display.