Start a Map

Launch maps to discover your network devices and report comprehensive information about them. After discovering live devices on your network you can add them to your account and start scanning them for vulnerabilities.


A few things to consider...

Have you thought about which network domains you want to map and which options you want to use? We can help you sort this out quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

Mapping - The Basics


I'm ready to start my map. What are the steps?

It's simple to start your map. Go to Scans > Maps > New > Map (or Schedule Map), and tell us:

1) which domains and/or IPs to map,

2) which map options to use, and

3) which scanner is right for the job (if you have scanner appliances that is).


When the map status shows Finished, select View from the Quick Actions menu to see the full results in an HTML report.

Learn more about map results


Quick Links

Manage your maps

Configure map settings

Configure appliances

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