Option Profiles for VM/VMDR

An option profile includes map and scan settings. You need to choose an option profile each time you start or schedule a map or scan. The profile defines the settings you want to use for the scan job like which ports to scan, which QIDs to scan, whether to use authentication, and more.

The service provides you with an option profile called "Initial Options" to get started. You can use this option profile as-is or make changes to it. You can also create a custom option profile or import one from our Library. 

We recommend you create different profiles for different types of scans.  For example, you may want a profile for light port scans, a profile for authenticated scans, a profile that only looks for Microsoft security updates, etc.

What do you want to do? 

Choose from one of the following options to get started:

Create/Edit Option Profile - This is a Standard type option profile that you can apply to maps and vulnerability scans. 

Create/Edit PCI Option Profile - This is a PCI type option profile that you can apply to vulnerability scans to meet external PCI scan requirements.

Import Option Profile - Our Library offers several option profiles that you can import directly into your account and use. 

Download the Data List - You can download any data list within the UI in order to view your configurations outside of the product. 


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