Configure Business Units

A business unit is a user-defined configuration that allows Managers to organize assets and user permissions in a way that reflects an organization's structure.


It's simple. Go to Users > Business Units. Select New > Business Unit and then:

1) assign asset groups to the business unit (add at least one asset group with IPs)

2) assign users to the business unit


Impact when updating/removing asset groups

Keep in mind Managers assign asset groups to a business unit, giving BU users access to the hosts, domains, appliances in these asset groups. BU users (Unit Managers, Scanners, Readers) can create personal asset groups including the hosts, domains, appliances in the BU asset groups.

Changes to BU asset groups impact:

- what assets BU users can see, and

- what assets appear in their own personal asset groups


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Did you know? You cannot add these users to a business unit: Managers, Auditors, or the primary contact for another business unit.