Set up Physical Sensor

The physical sensor is placed inside your network and takes snapshots of the data flowing over the network. You need to set up the physical sensor appliance and then register it with the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Supported physical sensor: 1Gbps, 4Gbps, and 10Gbps

To know about the requirements and how to setup the physical sensor appliance, refer to:

Appliance User Guide

Once your physical sensor is ready and you register it with Qualys Cloud Platform you can start viewing information in the Network Passive Sensor UI.

Register a new sensor

- From Home tab scroll down, click Deploy Network Sensor and then click Deploy under Physical Sensor from Get Started with Sensors page. This opens New Physical Sensor registration screen.

Note: Optionally, you can navigate to Sensors tab and from New Sensor drop-down pick Physical Sensor to open New Physical Sensor registration screen.

add new physcial sensor

- Provide the Sensor details and generate a Personalization Code. You’ll enter this code in the physical sensor console to personalize the sensor. Copy the code and keep it handy. If you wish to start scanning as soon as sensor is registered, set toggle button to YES for Would you like to start scanning as soon as license is registered?

- Follow on screen instructions to register your sensor.

- Click Next to view Define Internal Assets screen.

Here, you’ll define the IP ranges within your network you want to monitor. The assets discovered for these IP addresses will be individually inventoried and tracked for traffic analysis. You can use default IP ranges, IP range tags, or customized IP ranges. Select Inventory these assets check box for marking inventoried assets. When assets are within a "Inventoried" range, they will be inventoried in priority.

To configure internal, external and excluded type of assets, refer Configure Assets.

- Click Finish to complete the registration.

- Once your sensor successfully connects to the Qualys Cloud Platform, you can start scanning and you’ll start seeing assets discovered on your network.

Manage your Sensors