Uninstall the Agent from the Cloud Agent UI or API

When you uninstall a cloud agent using the Cloud Agent app user interface or Cloud Agent API, the agent and license is removed from the Qualys subscription. We’ll also purge the associated agent host record and scan results for any licensed apps, i.e. Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance. Host records with merged asset views (i.e. scans results from cloud agent and scanner) are purged until the next successful scanner job). Note agent registry data is not removed from Windows hosts.

How to Uninstall a Single Agent

Hover over the agent of interest and select Uninstall Agent from the Quick Actions menu.

Quick actions - Uninstall Agent option for an asset.

Once you uninstall an agent, it cannot be reversed. The Confirmation dialog box displays the impact of uninstallation and the number of agents that are being removed.

uninstall confirmation dialog box

Note: On MacOS High Sierra (10.13), launchd takes some time to remove the com.qualys.cloud-agent process, although the agent is already uninstalled.

How to Uninstall Multiple Agents

Select checkbox next to agents of interest and choose Uninstall Agent from the Actions menu.

Actions Menu - Uninstall Agent option to uninstall multiple agents.

If you select the agents for uninstallation in bulk by using the QQL query— tags.name: Cloud Agent or tracking method as QAGENT, the following error message is displayed.

warning bulk uninstallation

In this case, the agents are not uninstalled. You can add more filters to search for the agents you want to uninstall and prevent unintentional uninstallation of agents when selected in bulk.

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