Tell me about the primary contact

There is one primary contact for the subscription and one primary contact for each business unit. You'll see an asterisk (*) next to the name of each primary contact on the Users list. The primary contact is used in email notifications sent for User Registration, Account Lock, Scan notification, and more.

Changing the primary contact

(Managers and Unit Managers) Go to Users > Setup > Primary Contact and select another user. If you’re a Manager you’ll set the primary contact for the subscription. If you’re a Unit Manager, you’ll set the primary contact for your business unit.

If you want only Primary Contact (POC) user to assign new Primary Contact and not any other manager role user, then contact Qualys Support, they will help you enable this feature for your subscription. Once enabled following permissions are applied:

- Only Primary Contact user be able to access the "Primary Contact" setting.

- If a Manager user is not a Primary Contact then he cannot view/edit the  "Primary Contact" setting.

How do I reach out to my primary contact?

(All users) Go to Help > Account Info and click your contact's name. The Contact Support page appears with your contact's email address pre-filled in the email form.

How to configure Email Contact for notifications

(Managers) By default, the primary contact is displayed in the email notifications. You can change the default email contact information to be displayed in such email notifications. The Users > Setup > Email Contact setup allows Managers to specify the user name and email address to be used instead of the primary contact.

Do you have business units? You can choose “Allow Unit Managers to override for their business unit” to let Unit Managers override the contact info for their business unit.

Note: The change in email contact is applicable only for notifications listed in  User Profile > Options (Notification Options) section.

Sample Email Contact

In this sample Patrick Slimmer is defined as the Email Contact.

Email Contact Setup page.

Here’s where the Email Contact appears in the email.

Sample email showing email contact.

Email Contact for other notifications

Keep in mind the Email Contact configured in Users > Setup > Email Contact does not impact the email contact information shown in the following emails: User registration email (new user) and Account Locked email (due to password failure, too many attempts, etc).

For these notifications the primary contact is shown in the email body as follows:

- Primary contact of business unit is shown (if the user belongs to business unit)

- Primary contact of subscription is shown (if a user doesn’t belong to any business unit)