Users Setup

These are global settings for the subscription. Some options may not be available, depending on your service level.

Security - Restrict access to the service based on IP address, set password security options, require VIP two-factor authentication for all users, and define how long a user's session may be inactive.

Primary Contact - Choose a new primary contact for the subscription (Manager) or for your business unit (Unit Manager). Learn more

Email Contact - Change the contact information (name and email address) that appears in notifications sent to users. Learn more

User Permissions - Set permissions that restrict users from viewing details about users not in their business unit, hide users that are not in the business unit, and restrict users from viewing scheduled tasks on assets they do not have privileges to.

Business Units - Control how many IP addresses Unit Managers can add to their business units.

SAML SSO Setup - Enable SAML SSO for newly created users. When enabled, new users will be authenticated via the configured corporate Identity Provider instead of the Qualys login page.

Activity Log - Change the default timeframe for the activity log to 30, 90 or 180 days. Only actions recorded within the default timeframe will be displayed.

Optimized CA Data Processing - Enhance performance of policy reports by choosing to consider only the Cloud Agent information required to process the account’s applicable policies. (Cloud Agents only)