Add a New Virtual Scanner Appliance

What do I need?

The Virtual Scanner option must be turned on for your account. Contact Qualys Support or your Technical Account Manager if you would like us to turn on this option for you.

You must be a Manager or a sub-user with the “Manage virtual scanner appliances” permission. This permission may be granted to Unit Managers. Your subscription may be configured to allow this permission to be granted to Scanners.

Configure and activate your scanner

1) Go to Scans > Appliances and select New > Virtual Scanner Appliance. Click Start Wizard. You'll give your scanner a name and then walk through the steps to get your personalization code.

If you're a sub-user then you’ll need to pick an asset group that has been assigned to your business unit by a Manager user. Not seeing any asset groups? Please ask a Manager to assign an asset group (other than the All group) to your business unit.

2) Complete the configuration using the virtual scanner console or cloud platform (you'll enter the personalization code).

3) Verify activation is successful (you're done once you see the friendly name and IP address).

Virtualization Platforms

Virtual Scanner Appliance is available for a variety of platforms.

Local system or server: VMware Workstation, Player, Workstation Player, Fusion, Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware vSphere: vCenter Server, ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Windows Server (Microsoft Hyper-V)

Cloud: Amazon EC2-Classic, Amazon EC2-VPC, Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform (ARM), Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform (ASM), Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack

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Virtual Scanner Appliance Platforms

Troubleshooting tips

Need the personalization code?

Be sure to verify activation is successful

What's next?

Is my appliance ready for scanning?

How do I grant users access to an appliance?

Do you want to change the friendly name?

Do you want to restrict access for Unit Managers?

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Best Practices for Internal Scanning

Tip Your account can include a mix of physical, virtual and offline scanner appliances.

Did you know? You can replace an appliance with a new one. Just go to Scans > Appliances > New > Replace Scanner Appliance.