Add a New Offline Scanner Appliance

Configure and activate your offline scanner appliance in just 3 easy steps. You can check out our Offline Scanner User Guide to get complete details. A Manager can complete these steps.

1) start the wizard within the user interface - go to Scans > Appliances and select New > Offline Scanner Appliance (you'll get a personalization code for your appliance),

2) complete the configuration using the appliance console (you'll enter the personalization code), and

3) verify activation is successful (you're done once you see the friendly name and IP address).

Troubleshooting tips

Need the personalization code?

Be sure to verify activation is successful

What's next?

Is my appliance ready for scanning?

Sync option profiles to your offline scanner

Do you want to change the friendly name?

Give Unit Managers permission to manage offline scanners


Quick Links

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Manage your appliance

Tip Your account can include a mix of physical, virtual and offline scanner appliances.