About Mandates

Mandates are regulatory or good practice standards, compliance framework etc. designed by government organizations. We provide you a set of pre-defined mandates which you can use to generate mandate based reports.


A mandate has a set of requirements which may include one or more levels of sub-requirements. These requirements contain control-objectives and the control-objectives have sub-control-objectives or controls.

No, the mandates are pre-defined and cannot be edited. However, you can download the mandate or view the mandate. 

To view a mandate, go to PC > Policies > Mandates. Select View from the Quick Actions menu for any mandate in the list.

Tip - Use the Search option above the list to find mandates by title, publisher, release date, and more. 

To download the mandates list, go to PC > Policies > Mandates. Select Download from the New menu above the data list. Choose a download file format and click Download. Learn more

You can easily generate a report directly from the Mandates tab. Simply select one or more Mandates and from the Actions menu select Generate Report. Show meShow me

Generate Report option on Mandates tab


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