Start Scanning for SCAP Compliance

Scan your systems for SCAP compliance.


A few things to consider...

Have you thought about which hosts you want to scan and which options you want to use? We can help you sort this out quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

Scanning - The Basics



I'm ready to start my scan. What are the steps?

It's simple to start your scan. Go to Scans > SCAP Scans > New > Scan (or Schedule Scan), and tell us:

1) the IPs to scan,

2) the scan options to use,

3) the SCAP policy to test against, and

4) which scanner appliance is right for the job (be sure it's enabled for SCAP scanning).


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Quick Links

Manage your scans

Set up host authentication

Configure scan settings

SCAP Policies


Best Practices for Scanning

Did you know? You can exclude a host from ALL scans in one step. Add the IP to the global exclude list under Scans > Setup.