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You can search for vulnerabilities using a variety of criteria like severity level, category, patch availability, CVSS scores, published date, etc. Simply click Search, select your criteria, and then click Search again. Learn more.

Search by User Modified date

When you search for a vulnerability using the User Modified criteria with the "Previous" options, we'll start with the current date and count backward to get the date range.

Previous Week = the last week starting from Sunday to Saturday

Previous Month = the last month starting from 1st to end of the month

Previous Quarter= the last quarter (3 complete months of the quarter starting from 1st to end of each month)

Previous Year = the last year starting from January to December

Select Info from the Quick Actions menu to view complete vulnerability information like a description of the threat, reference IDs, and more.

Select Edit from the Quick Actions menu to do any of the following:

- change the severity level

- add comments to the description

- disable the vulnerability (in order to globally filter it out from all hosts in all scan reports)

Go to New > Download, and then choose a file format (CSV or XML). Only the rows and columns shown in the data list will be included in the downloaded report. Learn more.


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Interested in more capabilities?

Check out: Ignore/Activate a Vulnerability | Report on Vulnerabilities by Published DateAdd a New OVAL Vulnerability 

Certain capabilities may not be available depending on your service level.


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