How to disable Self-Protection feature for an Agent

You can generate a key to disable the self-protection feature for an agent. By disabling the self-protection feature, you can access the agent data and artifacts that are required for debugging purposes, such as log files.

By default, the self-protection feature is enabled for all agents. You can generate a key to disable self-protection for a defined time interval. By default, the generated key is valid for one day. However, you can define the validity of the key.  

Note: Users with the Managers and Unit Managers role have permission to generate the self-protection key.

Steps to disable Self-Protection for an agent

1) From application selector, select Cloud Agent .

2) Go to Agent Management > Agent.

3) Select the agent and click Disable Self Protection from the Quick Actions menu.

4) In the Generate key to disable self protection screen, click Generate Key and follow the process to disable the self-protection on the selected agent.

Note: This feature will available only when it is supported by the Windows agent.  For the supported platform and Windows agent version, refer to Features by Agent Version section in the Cloud Agent Platform Availability Matrix.