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Threat Protection helps you visualize and assess active security threats for all of your assets all in one place!

Live threat intelligence feed

Stay informed on active security threats as provided in the Qualys threat intelligence feed. Real-Time Threat Indicators (RTI) are correlated per vulnerability automatically for you. This lets you quickly find all about asset exposed to these threats.

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Easily filter Active Threats in Live Feed

Quickly find assets

The search box gives you the power and flexibility to query asset data from all of your scans and cloud agents in a matter of seconds. With Threat Protection you can easily find the exact vulnerabilities with active threats in your environment.

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How to Search

Find Vulnerabilities Exposed to Active Threats

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Your Assets - The Basics

Get notifications on active threats

Continuous Monitoring (CM) app must be enabled for your subscription. All you need to do is select RTI you want to be alerted on in your CM rulesets. Learn more

You might want to install agents! This lets you get data for all kinds of assets - on your on-premise systems, dynamic cloud environments and mobile endpoints. It's easy! Choose Cloud Agent (CA) from the app picker and we'll walk you through it quickly.

Customizable dynamic dashboards

Dashboards help you visualize your assets, see your threat exposure, leverage saved searches, and fix priority vulnerabilities quickly. Add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in.

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Did you know? You can personalize the default dashboard - add widgets, resize them, move them around to change the layout.

Tip - Click any bar graph, or widget with number of impacted assets, and jump to details on those assets.