Managing Dashboard and Widget Templates

You can now view, edit, delete and manage all user-defined widgets and dashboards. You can also delete bulk templates at one go.

The Templates tab includes two sub tabs:

- Dashboard Templates: Lists all the user-defined or edited dashboard templates.

- Widget Templates: Lists all the user-defined or edited widget templates.

List of user-defined dashboard templates.

What actions can I take on templates?

You can

- edit custom templates

- update template descriptions

- delete custom templates

Which templates can I edit or delete?

You can take actions on the templates that you created using the quick actions menu. You cannot edit or delete System templates.

How can I delete a custom dashboard template?

To delete a custom dashboard template:

1. Navigate to Dashboards > Templates,

2. Identify the template you want to delete, from the quick-actions drop down, and click Delete.

3. Click Confirm to delete the template.