Token List

Unified Dashboard (UD) brings information from all Qualys applications into a single place for visualization. By using our robust search mechanism, you can pull information from all the Qualys applications in your subscription. We provide an array of search tokens using which you can build your queries to fetch information for your dashboard widgets. This topic contains links to the various pages where all the details about search tokens are listed. Click each product icon or the product name to view the list of search tokens that we support for that product.

AssetView list of tokens.


List of tokens for CertView Module

Certificate View

List of tokens for CloudVie



 List of tokens for Container Security

Container Security

 List of tokens for Cloud Agent

Cloud Agent

List of tokens for File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring




 List of tokens for Global Asset View

Global AssetView

 List of tokens for Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

List of tokens for Patch Management

Patch Management




List of tokens for CyberSecurity Asset Management

CyberSecurity Asset Management

 List of tokens for VMDR

Vulnerability Management Detection and Response