Remediation for Office 365

For Office 365 subscriptions, you can remediate the controls if the controls have a failed status for security posture.

Pre-requisites to remediate a control are:

-         Following App Permissions must be enabled:

     Exchange Administrator

     SharePoint administrator

-         Following User Roles/Permissions must be granted:

     Teams Administrator

     Privileged Role Administrator

To remediate a control:

1) Under the Monitor tab, select the control that you want to remediate and click Remediate.


Info: You can select one or more controls available in the list.

2) Enter the basic information and click Next.

Basic Information

3) From the list of available controls, select the required controls that you want to remediate and click Next.

Note: You can also add new controls by clicking the Add Controls button.

Select Controls

4) Review and confirm the control details and click Create.

Review and Confirm

To view the status of the remediation job(s) and export the details, go to the Response tab > Remediation Jobs sub-tab.


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