Qualys SaaS Detection and Response (SaaSDR) expands the capabilities of the Qualys Cloud Platform to help enterprises with security and compliance of their SaaS applications. It provides the IT admins a single console to connect to their critical SaaS applications, manage them centrally, secure data on critical cloud apps, and help maintain their compliance posture. It is a tool for IT admins to effectively manage SaaS application sprawl.

Benefits of SaaSDR

- Provide a single console for IT admins to centrally secure their data no matter where it is

- Get a consolidated view of external users who have access to internal documents and internal users that are sharing documents externally

- Get visibility into documents that are exposed and take steps to make them private

- Get visibility into apps that have given access to sensitive data and take steps to alert and block them

- Understand the compliance posture of your critical SaaS applications to ensure that you pass industry standard benchmarks. Currently, we support the CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmark v1.3.

Start Here

As enterprises rapidly move to SaaS applications - Google Workspace, Microsoft O365, Zoom, Salesforce, etc - to power their businesses, their IT teams are confronted with several problems related to securing these cloud applications. We'll help you quickly get started with securing your enterprise with SaaSDR.

Configure a connector

Just set up a connector with your SaaS applications and that's it! We'll start discovering important information about your SaaS applications that will help you view and monitor the data on these applications.

How to create a connector

Google Workspace | Microsoft Office 365 | Salesforce (SFDC) | Zoom | Slack

Build Inventory

View all the Users and User Groups in your organization. Also, view all your resources, like files and folders, third-party applications, and meetings identified from the scanned SaaS applications.

View Directory

View resources

Monitor Compliance

Enable and run the CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmark v1.3 policy for your connectors. View the policy controls to monitor your compliance posture

Monitor SaaS Applications

Search your inventory

Use our guided search capabilities and craft advanced queries combining multiple criteria to search all your resources and directories.

View search tokens

Dynamic dashboards

Dynamic dashboards help you visualize your data in a central, customizable dashboard and share compliance status of your environment in real time. Add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in.

View dashboards and widgets

Customize your dashboards