Setup Google G Suite Connector

Setup your Google G Suite account to enable it for scanning by SSC before you create the connector. For scanning G Suite, login as the G Suite administrator and add a new client ID (106032779682891879879) then authorize scopes.

To add the Client id and authorize the application

1) Log in to your G Suite Admin console with the administrator credentials

2) Click Security

Admin Console Security option

3) Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click “Advanced Settings” -> Authentication -> Manage API Client Access

Advanced Settings

4) Enter the Client Name and the API scopes in the relevant fields and click Authorize

API Client Access

5) You can copy and paste Client Name and API scopes from here: Client Name: 106032779682891879879

API Scopes:,,,,,,,,,,

You are now ready to start scanning your G Suite

This is how it will show on the UI once you have completed the steps

G Suite admin UI

6) Now go to the Configuration > Connectors and click Create Connector.

You will be redirected to the login page of the application where you need to login using your administrator credentials. Once your Connector is created it is listed in the Configurations > Connectors list. Here you can check the status and other details of the connector.

That's it!

Once the application is connected, a scan is initiated to pull meta data from the application. This step may take some time to complete based on the number of resources to be cataloged in your application.