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Welcome to the Qualys Secure Enterprise Mobility (SEM). Qualys SEM offers you a cloud-based solution, to help you secure, monitor, and manage mobile devices (including smart phones and tablets) across your enterprise.

Before starting, let’s understand different users mentioned in this document:

Admin User - Admin user configures all necessary settings required to enroll the mobile devices, creates SEM users, and monitor various dashboards and reports.

SEM User - SEM Users are the holders of the mobile devices.

With SEM, you can:

- Manage enrolled mobile devices centrally

- Manage vulnerabilities on enrolled mobile devices

- Secure data on enrolled mobile devices

- Adhere to regulatory compliances


We'll help you get started quickly!

What are the steps?

1) Setup End User License Agreement (EULA). For information on setting up EULA, refer EULA Management

2) Configure APNs certificates, if your SEM users have iOS devices to enroll. For more information, refer APNs Certificates

3) Create SEM users once you setup EULA. For detailed steps, refer Creating a New SEM User. If you add an email address while creating SEM user, the user will receive an email that contains the credentials and enrollment details.

4) Now, SEM users can start enrolling their mobile devices. For more information, refer Device Enrollment.

5) Monitor mobile devices inventory and its security posture using Dashboards and Reports once SEM users enroll their devices.