Scan Status

It's easy to find current status of your scans on the scans list. For a vulnerability scan, go to VM/VMDR > Scans. More

When can I run reports on my scans?

The solid icon Scan Finished, Results Processed Icon tells you all scan results have been processed, and these results are available in your account. You'll see the latest host based findings throughout the UI and you can create vulnerability scan reports including these findings.

Tell me about scan processing

Scan processing is triggered automatically by the Qualys Cloud Platform. You might like to know when scan processing is kicked off. This depends on your subscription settings, specifically whether the New Data Security Model (NDSM) is enabled (Users > Security).

- Is New Data Security Model enabled (NDSM)? Scan processing is kicked off as soon as a scan has finished. No login by any user is needed.

- Is NDSM turned off (not enabled)? Scan processing is kicked off as soon as any user in the subscription logs in.

Looking for more info?

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