EC2 Scan - Scanning EC2 Instances in GovCloud

Looking for an overview on securing your Amazon AWS infrastructure? Go here.

Get Started

Follow the instructions below to get started with securing your AWS GovCloud using Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance (qVSA).

1) Contact your Qualys TAM or Qualys Support requesting access to a) GovCloud Feature and b) Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance AMI.

2) Include your AWS Account ID under which you would be running the scanner, access to the AMI is enabled by Qualys support for specific Account IDs.

3) Qualys Support will send you a mail with approval and access information.

4) Create a Qualys Virtual Scanner Instance with the qVSA AMI, which will now be available under MyImages section in the Create Instance wizard. (If you need to search, use the keyword "qVSA" to find the Qualys scanner).

5) Configure the Virtual Scanner Instance as described here.

6) You’re ready to start scanning!