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Are you a first time user? Check out these guidelines and best practices.

Select Change Password under your user name (in the top right corner). Passwords are auto-generated by the service, by default. Your subscription may be configured to allow users to define their own passwords. This is a global subscription setting that applies to all users.

Select Home Page under your user name (in the top right corner) to change the first page that appears when you log in.

It's recommended you add a new user account with a Manager or Unit Manager role to begin, although any user role except Contact is fine. If the subscriber account is lost or misplaced, this makes it possible for Support to reset the password for the subscriber account while retaining all saved results and configurations including user accounts.

Go to Users > Setup > Security (Manager only) to set advanced password security settings that apply to all users in the subscription. For example, you can allow users to define their own passwords, set password expiration, and define how many failed login attempts will lock a user's account.

Choose the Get Started option on the Help menu anytime you need it for help with first steps.

Get Started option on Help menu


Tell me about PC

Use our Policy Compliance (PC) application to reduce the risk of internal and external threats while providing proof of compliance demanded by auditors and government regulations.

Check out this video:

Policy Compliance Scanning

Start scanning to check the compliance of your systems against your policies. You can easily add policies from our library, or create your own. Learn more

Policy Compliance Reporting

Several reporting options are offered. Run, manage and schedule compliance reports. Learn more

SCAP Scanning

Start scanning for SCAP compliance to check the compliance of your systems against SCAP policies. Learn more

Manage Your Assets

Manage and group the assets in your account. Learn more

Manage Your Account

Manage users and business units. Learn more


Policy Compliance (PC) and SCAP are not available to Express Lite users.

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