Reports Setup

Go to PC Reports > Setup to see global setup options related to reporting.

Some options may not be available, depending on your service level and subscription settings.

Report Share

When Report Share is enabled, Managers can specify the maximum amount of report data that each user may save to Report Share. Managers can also enable secure PDF distribution of reports.


Enable the OS CPE feature for the subscription to display operating system CPE names in your reports.

Policy Report HTML

In Qualys 8.15, we improved Policy Reports (in HTML format) for better usability and organization of your compliance posture data. With these improvements the report may take longer to generate.

A Manager user can select the option "Use the old policy report" to revert back to the old format at any time. This affects policy report generation for all users.

Scheduled Reports

Determine if scheduled reports will be distributed with report notifications, and whether they will be sent as attachments or report links.