Export Your Policies

You can easily export your policies in either XML or CSV format and share the exported policies with other users. (SCAP policies cannot be exported.)

How do I export my policy?

Go to PC > Policies, identify the policy you want and select Export from the Quick Actions menu. Select an export format (CSV or XML) and click the Export button. Your policy is saved in this format: <title>_<date>.xml or <title>_<date>.csv , where <date> is in YYYMMDD format.

Which controls are included?

By default, your exported policy includes all service-provided controls in the policy. Select the option "Include user defined controls" to also include UDCs in the exported policy.

I've exported my policy. Tell me more

You can edit the policy and share it with others. Polices in XML format can be imported into your account. All sections of your exported policy can be edited except for the evaluation criteria for each control (the EVALUATE tag). You can remove this tag if you want the policy to use default control values when imported.