How to run SCAP reports

SCAP reports show SCAP compliance status for scanned hosts. A scanned host is a host that was scanned successfully (the host was the target of a SCAP scan and the scan completed). You have several SCAP reporting options.

SCAP Scorecard Report

Get a high-level summary of the current SCAP compliance status for a SCAP policy in your account. Learn more

SCAP Policy Report

Shows your organization's compliance with the SCAP mandate for compliance hosts in a selected SCAP policy. You can run this report in XML or CSV format. Learn more

SCAP Interactive Reports

Interactive reports are unique in that you can keep changing the report settings to get different views of your SCAP scan data. You can change the settings as often as you like. These interactive reports are available: Rule Pass/Fail Report and Individual Host Report. Note - interactive reports are not saved to your reports list. Learn more

Tip - Did you create a policy based on OVAL definitions? You can download the OVAL definitions from the Individual Host Report.


This is a SCAP scan report in Asset Reporting Format (ARF) that you can launch using our API. Learn more